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About Us
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How We Started:
The Manufacturers Water Company (MWCO), a subsidiary of Cambria Ironworks and, most recently, the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, was formed in February 1900 for the purpose of furnishing water to industrial plants in Johnstown, PA.  In early 1997, Bethlehem announced that MWCO was for sale.

Soon after the announcement of the sale by Bethlehem of MWCO, the Boards of Commissioners of Somerset and Cambria Counties initiated a process to determine if there was public support for the acquisition of MWCO.  To accomplish the analysis of sale, the joint County Commissioners contracted with the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy (SAC) to perform a public acquisition feasibility study.  The results of an extensive public participation process concluded support for acquisition of MWCO.

The Boards of Commissioners of Cambria and Somerset Counties came together in 1999 to form the CSA to purchase and operate the land and water properties formerly owned by the MWCO.

The official transfer of ownership was completed in August, 2000.  CSA is a municipal authority guided by an 8-member board, with Cambria and Somerset Counties each appointing four members.


What We Do:
Aside from owning and managing 5,200 acres in Cambria and Somerset Counties, CSA has established three principle goals:

1. Providing high quality, low-cost industrial water

2. Creating diverse recreation opportunities for the citizens of the region

3. Practicing regional watershed and land management conservation

The water supplied to steel industry-related customers is used for process and once-through cooling. Water sold to Ebensburg Power Company and Cambria Co-Generation is used in the production of electricity by circulating fluidized bed boilers. Several small commercial customers use the water for a variety of non-potable purposes.  The Greater Johnstown Water Authority can purchase raw water for filtration to 22,000 potable water customers within various municipalities in the Johnstown area. In 2009, the Somerset County General Authority (SCGA) began purchasing water from the Quemahoning Reservoir for delivery to northern and central Somerset County.


Where We Are:

    Cambria County    Somerset County


Facts and Figures:

* CSA is a landmark authority in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the unprecedented cooperation of two counties for common goals.

* CSA is the sole provider of industrial water in the two counties, currently serving 12 industrial and commercial customers and 2 public water supply Authorities

* Over 5,000 acres of land

* 1,200 surface acres of water

* 233,000 feet of large diameter (36-66 inch) water transmission lines

* Reservoirs contain a variety of fish species, including trout, bass, pike, walleye, bluegill,  catfish, crappie, and perch

* CSA’s water availability as determined by water allocation vs. existing sales is in excess of 25 million gallons a day (MGD), collectively, from the three primary supplies: Quemahoning, Hinckston Run, and Wilmore Reservoirs

Historical photos of the Que during construction, view from the NorthHistorical photos of the Que during construction: "sluicing," or using water to cut away at the land

Historical photos of the Quemahoning during construction.
More Historical Que Construction Photos may be accessed by clicking here.
Wilmore Historical Construction Photos may be accessed by clicking here.



Providing high-quality, low cost industrial water and public recreation opportunities while practicing conservation throughout the Cambria and Somerset areas.

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