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CSA Projects

Whitewater Release
In 2011, CSA completed construction on a project to improve boating, canoeing, kayaking, and rafting on the Stonycreek River between Hollsopple (Benson Borough) and the City of Johnstown.

During seasonal low-flow periods, boating is limited on this stretch of water.  To augment flows, CSA agreed to facilitate installation of equipment and site improvements to routinely discharge up to 500 cfs (cubic feet per second) at predetermined times for boating enthusiasts.  It is anticipated that these releases are expected at least twice monthly, April-October, on select Saturdays and Sundays, as necessary.  A defined schedule is available at http://benscreekcanoeclub.com.

Financial stakeholders in this $1.2 million project included the PA DCNR, Mellon Foundation, Colcom, Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, Stonycreek-Quemahoning Initiative, Benscreek Canoe Club, and American Whitewater.


Chestnut Orchard & Wildlife Habitat Food Plots
In 2009, CSA completed construction of several Wildlife Habitat Improvement Food plots and an American Chestnut Tree Demonstration Orchard at the Quemahoning Reservoir.  These projects were completed using funds from Somerset County Environmental Initiative Growing Greener II Bond Funds matched with CSA Timber Stand Improvement Funds.

The Wildlife Habitat Food Plots were located and prepared under assistance from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Somerset County Land Management Division and local Sportsmen.

The American Chestnut Demonstration site was developed with assistance from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Chestnut Society and Penn State University.  CSA hopes to one day convert the demonstration site into a breeding orchard for a virus-resistant strain of the American Chestnut Tree, a tree that once dominated the local forests and was a staple for wildlife and the timber industry.

The Wildlife Habitat Food Plots and Chestnut Orchard are generally shown on the map.  For those who have GPS technology, they can be found using the following coordinates:

Food Plot 1:  N  40°    10.172'                              Food Plot 2:  N  40°     10.203'
                   W 078°   58.065'                                                W 078°    58.177'

Food Plot 3: N 40°      10.185'                             Food Plot 4:  N 40°       08.912'
                  W 078°    58.179'                                               W 078°     58.580'
                                                                                            (by Green Bridge)

Food Plot 5: N 40°      08.987'                     Chestnut Orchard: N 40°      10.668'
                 W 078°    57.598'                                                W 078°    58.803'
                    (Birdman Road)


Map of Food Plots and Chestnut Orchard



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