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In order to comply with various state and local environmental and safety concerns, CSA strictly enforces the following special regulations at the Hinckston Run, Quemahoning, and Wilmore Reservoirs:

  • The use of internal combustion engines is strictly prohibited on the reservoirs.
  • Internal combustion engines, their fuel storage containers, and any other petroleum consuming device may not be possessed while boating these waters.
  • Motorized boats, ELECTRIC motors ONLY! Voltage supplied to motor shall NOT exceed 24 Volts.
  • Maximum boat length – NO limit
  • Personal watercraft are prohibited.
  • All boats must be registered with the PA Fish & Boat Commission (PAF&BC) or possess a launch/use permit issued by the PA DCNR.
  • Boaters may not cross line of buoys identifying spillway area.
  • Boaters must follow all safe boating requirements.  Personal floatation devices must be possessed for all boaters.
  • Instruction, exhibition, competition, demonstration, sales, or other special events (organized or unorganized) need prior approval of the CSA and PAF&BC.
  • Dogs are permitted on the property if they are licensed and controlled in accordance with PA Fish & Boat Commission rules.  The only exception is at the Quemahoning Family Recreation Area (QFRA), in the area generally known as the swim beach, where all pets are strictly prohibited. See the recreation area map on this web site for the exact area where dogs are prohibited.
  • ATVs and trail bikes are prohibited on reservoir property.
  • Open fires are prohibited (except in designated areas at QFRA & Wilmore Reservoir South site).

The following acts are also prohibited:

  • Solicitation for any purpose
  • Posting of signs
  • Boisterous, immoral, or indecent conduct
  • Camping (except in designated areas at the QFRA)
  • Ice fishing
  • Ice skating
  • Swimming, bathing, or diving (except in designated areas at the QFRA)
  • Blocking driveways, access roads, or launch ramps
  • Trespassing or fishing from the breast of the dams
  • Littering
  • Theft of property belonging to CSA, PAF&BC, or additional organizations


  • Groups looking to carry out fundraising activities on CSA-owned properties must meet the following guidelines:
  • The group must be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and be able to produce proof of this status.
  • Other entities or businesses may also request the use of CSA facilities for fundraising activities, provided that ALL PROCEEDS MUST BE DONATED TO A LOCAL CHARITY OR CHARITABLE CAUSE.
  • Not less than sixty (60) days advance notice of any such requests shall be required by CSA to properly review and determine compliance with the policy.
  • Use of CSA property shall be limited to reasonably appropriate sections of CSA property consistent with the proposed activity of the requesting entity.
  • The requesting entity shall provide CSA with insurance sufficient in an amount as determined by CSA to properly protect CSA, and CSA shall be named as an additional named insured on any such insurance.
  • No fundraising activity shall be approved which would prevent CSA from conducting its normal and routine programs and activities as the same may exist from time to time.
  • Upon completion of the fundraising activity, the requesting entity shall provide CSA with a written summary of the activities and the funds raised.
  • There will be NO contribution required of any 501(c)3 organization that raises between 0 (Zero) and $500.00).  The minimum contribution shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00) and the maximum will be One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), based upon the following:

Funds Raised                                    Contributions

$500 – $600.00                                 $10.00

$600.00 – $1,500.00                          10% of the amount raised over $500.00, with                 minimum of $10.00, maximum of $100.00.

The funds will be donated to the Cambria and Somerset Counties Conservancy to support its programs and activities which benefit and improve the properties of the CSA.

GROUP ACTIVITIES (Non-fundraising)

  • Any group planning to use any CSA facility shall notify the CSA in advance of such activity.  The notification shall include:  Date/time of event, which CSA facility will be used, name of group, and approximate number of people to participate.


These regulations may be amended as CSA deems necessary.  Additional regulations may be posted at each Reservoir, and visitors are asked to read all postings carefully prior to engaging in recreational activities.  Regulations posted by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, PA DCNR and PA DEP must be obeyed at all times.  Such regulations include, but are not limited to, pan fish enhancement and big bass waters.

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